Friday, August 7, 2009

random wisdom 1: disposing of broken glass

Guess what: shit gets broken sometimes.

From time spent in services, i happen to know there is a good way and a bad way to clean up a sharp mess.

To ensure some unsuspecting good samaritan doesn't end up gashing their legs or hands open when handling the garbage bag containing the discarded shards it's important to envelope the sharps in a kind of protective disposal cocoon.

Easiest : a paper bag or used courier envelope. In a pinch? Make one: take several sheets of yesterdays newspaper, or last month's magazine and staple them to form an envelope leaving one end open. Sweep up your shards and dump them in your thick paper envelope. Close the whole thing up with more staples or packing tape.

Voila. Safe to go!

a miniature example - customize size of envelope to amount of razor sharp detritus.
large pointy pieces warrant extra layers of paper to contain them properly.

Please PLEASE, NEVER dump broken glass directly into a garbage bag.

no more apples.

apples are boring.