Tuesday, November 8, 2011

just in time for the gifting season...

Yours truly will enjoy an overdue revival! Starting this month, hand felted frou-frou by yours truly design will be available in The Gallery Shop, at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria.

so what ever happened to etsy?

Sure the commission fees are higher at The Shop than on etsy, but I learned some important things by launching that virtual storefront. Mainly: nothing comes from nothing. Without the time and attention to dedicate to self-promotion my wares on etsy sat and sat until they eventually expired (and etsy took it's non-refundable posting fee and left my e-store empty). This foray into a physical storefront seems like a good stepping stone. The jewelry isn't doing me any good sitting in my closet. And the roving isn't going to felt itself. And so, RELAUNCH! Felted wares which have been garnering compliments across the country will now be available for sale next to the artisan wares of some of the best jewelry makers and ceramicists on the island. Pretty cool.

Stay tuned for more details... but you read it first on This Rough Magic.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

adventures in delicious

good god miss maude -- add this one to the books too for a future adventures in deliciousness!!! and if I've never gushed to you before about how much I love Love LOVE salted caramel: now you know.

thanks again d*s for making everything perfectly spongy (including my waistline ;) )

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

oooh next diy edible project

So we all know I already make my own yogurt. Now that I've seen this post on design*sponge, butter-making has rocketed to the top of my do-it-myself list.

With yogurt, I found the whole thing so easy AND saves me money, it made sense to bring into my busy schedule as a common practice. We'll see if butter can live up to this precedent...

Monday, March 14, 2011

the dandy & the photo that got away

the other day, i came walking up my drive just as this young fellow came swaggering down the middle street, massive coy grin across his face, crunching occasionally on a bright red apple. i can only describe him as ... a dandy. but everything about the look, the strut, the glasses, the apple... it was a thing of beauty. i should have called out "yoohoo! can i take your picture" and ran up to get my camera. but who does that sort of thing? this is the photo i would have taken: the Dandy on Princess Ave.

cheery/cherry blossoms

bonjour cheris,

cheerful cherry blossoms are blooming up and down my street now. i love this time of year when Princess explodes, all cerise and lace for blocks. the pinks looking particularly smart against west coast grey skies (you know the kind, the kind with the prefect mix of vague blurry mist clouds and sharply defined fluffy light grey ones floating above with sharply contrasted forebodingly dark grey bottoms). however i must admit that pink and blue are a favourite colour combo of mine as well... so looking forward to clear skies {fingers crossed}.

not trusting the aggressive weather to leave the delicate beauties alone, i have cut down some branches to bring home, reaching ikebana-style across my kitchen table (grey like today's sky) and bursting forth from my fireplace. so even though it sure doesn't feel like Spring out-side, it's looking a little more like it in-.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

let me lure you to my lair

oh hey! i just realized i never revealed the results of the bedroom to boudoir makeover. this is where i now curl up to read until i lose consciousness thus dropping my book and losing my page... again.

still working on the old-fashioned portraits paired with cabinet of curiosities meets salon-style wall hangings... but all in good time.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


happy new year! posting regularly has not been a 2010 trait, but we'll work on that, i make no promises as this blog aims be an outlet not an obligation.

mainly i'm just pleased that the year is complete. it was a rocky ride and certainly the hardest year of my life to date. looking back it feels like three years worth of events. but the year came to a close with a surprise encounter with almost unbearable joy, leaving me only excitement and anticipation for the great adventures that this new year has already promised. surely the greatest happiness's in life must always come as a surprise.

speaking of surprises, today's photo is of the hail that came tumbling down from sunny skies yesterday afternoon. unedited unfortunately... one of these days i will repair/re-hack my design suite.

resolutions, i rarely commit to formally, but if you'll recall i already had a new year several months ago and my aim is only to continue those projects in self-improvement while holding closer those most important to me, and enjoying every moment of life & love as it is offered.