Friday, August 13, 2010

happy new year

wild ride of a day and then came home for a spell. turned around to return to work -- this time for fun aka an opening.

but what a crazy evening:

waiting at a red light a woman got out of her car to reposition her front bumper which had started to drag. this took a few tries -- we exchanged exuberant thumbs up when she got it back in position. it was just so funny and wonderful to witness.

opening was fun.

met someone whose job (among a handful of other people's positions) i have taken over. she gave me a hug and it was perhaps the nicest thing anyone had done that day

... at least until...

after the opening, over delicious orange blossom beer, had this beautiful heart to heart with a former curator from the gallery. found myself confessing so many things about my life to her, and her understanding and encouragement and spur of the moment mentoring was so unexpected and perfect! there is so much possibility, so much excitement. i truly must seize my opportunities, but accept that with my woman's heart it may be difficult at times like these to find the grace and courage to do so. but somehow i will find both, and be bold, and ...

how exciting

what random encounters

but i'm so glad for everything that happened tonight

one of the things confessed earlier: that looking back a month and a half is so strange. it was a completely different world -- a different life. everything has changed.

i have been encouraged to treat this like my new year -- and it is really, like a whole new year -- and make new goals and resolutions.

the other suggestion: to journal. so i will.

join me.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


a fortune cookie fortune fell from a book while i was moving things

how's that for a positive affirmation

bookish inspiration too

speaking of beautiful book projects, after the last post i recalled that i had saved these images waaaay back. this was a book design concept i happened across and and just found so lovely i had to save it for keeps. if i thought in words i think this would be my model of the mind...

i love how the sentences seem almost kinetic here - i can image it as a writhing mass of a story before my eyes.

words are wonderful, aren't they?

Saturday, August 7, 2010

bookish inspiration

wow. i just can't get over how gorgeous this project looks -- but imagine walking through a structure made entirely of book bricks?! i just love the patterning created using the different coloured spines and pages.

but i have no idea where this came from as this is a reblogged facebooked tumblr find.