Friday, June 25, 2010

adventure: sf - napa

left to right, from top:

1. crossing the golden gate (turns out i didn't take many photos inside s.f.) 2. so many beeootiful ideas to be had for my own patio... yeah old stone buildings are pretty nice too 3. long sunny walks in vineyard air 4. turns out distillery tastings are fun too!

5. all desserts should be served tasting-plate-style... and the Culinary Institute (CIA) should be in my town 6. oh did we mention the views? 7. guess how many bottles followed us home 8. rows n' rows of delight

9. there are some really fun optical effects that happen when you zip past lines of vines, not that you can tell from the picture. but i became fascinated by optically-buzzing intersection of lines that stakes made when passing quickly, and by the the windows of light at the far away ends of rows that would appear like flashes as you passed 10. vino... 11. yuccas and fountains and hills, oh my 12. so much good food, as all good trips should boast.

13. sun setting over another perfect day, though the days were shorter southward 14. long shadows and cranes when awaiting ferries after [mis]adventures 15. i would do an event here (look at the size of those barrels!)

16. when traveling always bring along beautiful, wonderful friends.

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