Wednesday, September 8, 2010

back in business in the boudoir

What a couple of weeks! First my computer threw a fit, then the store forgot to give me my power cable back after fixing my computer, then the internet was down. Anyways, radio silence over!


The house is rearranged. The roomie is in. Now I just have to finish settling. The solution? Redecoration of my new sleep/live space. The theme? Hunting lodge meets boudoir.

I have the fireplace. The hardwood floors. The crown molding. Now I just gotta work it!

Thoughts on the subject so far:
- wooden or porcelain deer trophy head, chandelier, oil lamps, gramaphone?
- swooping curtain to create four-poster-bed feel, lots of pillows, plushy roccoco-esque head board
- faux hide area rug and faux fur throw and swede pillows
- recovering my wingback chair in something velvety and adding a ton of buttons (can anyone teach me to upholster?)
- steamer trunk for the end of the bed, dressmakers form, ornate-legged bedside table
- library index card thingermajig to store my jewelry
- salon-style wall hangings, refinished fancy frames
- for the walls: framed old maps, pinned butterflies, rich fabrics, botany watercolours, cameo portraits, photos of my ancestors and other black&white prints
- lots of black and white to complement my already red walls and keep the whole design contemporary
- ... got any ideas?

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