Sunday, November 21, 2010

that holiday feeling

So, I bemoan the commercial appropriation of holidays as much as the next person.... but I have to admit, I just love Christmas. It brings people together in ways that no other holiday can. And people go out of their way to be extra nice to one another. There is more good food and drink to be enjoyed consistently at a density of parties unparalleled for the remainder of the year. Homes are transformed from their normal humdrum selves into sites for amazing decorative creativity. It's like celebrating everybody's birthday on the same day, thus having all the pleasure of giving and getting gifts without the pressure of being the center of attention. Crisp weather makes cuddling up in sweaters and exchanging additional hugs & kisses an absolute must. Everything is just so festive and celebratory --- what's not to love!?

I also admit that my first pang of Christmas spirit occurred while proofing a holiday-themed advertisement at my job --- but it was just such an unexpected, early pang that it was extra delightful, despite the source.

I digress. I started a little crafty spree of posts around Valentines earlier in the year and since I have decided to aim for an entirely handmade Christmas this year I thought that it could be a good opportunity to get reacquainted with my blog while I'm at it.

I haven't actually decorated for the holidays yet, but I saw this and instantly got inspired:

How pretty! alternately I think it would be very striking to spray paint pine cones white and hang them from a black satin ribbon for a more modern look (or if you have a very dark mantle like mine).

I look forward to getting into the spirit together. I like to get a good month of mileage out of my favourite holiday so hang on to your hats and check back soon for more Xmas-y good times.

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