Wednesday, November 4, 2009

cook's kitchen: day of the dead cake

This Monday, Nov 2, marked the Mexican holiday, the Day of the Dead. It was also a good friend's birthday so we had a themed party. We chowed down on Mexican food, celebrated under colourful garlands & skeleton decorations, set up an alter with candles, photos & offerings for our ancestors, and played a short-lived game of making up epitaphs for our friends (out of practice for making up clever rhymes on the spot i guess). I made a red velvet skull cake for the birthday girl. I cut out a wax paper stencil to dust a skull on the top with cocoa.

The best part was the surprise when you cut into it: the vividly red cake against the white icing looked super dramatic.

Day of the Dead birthday party = morbid+delicious good times.

Though i have to say, candlelit party = difficulty photographing cakes.

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