Sunday, November 22, 2009

hit the road jack

Only one thing stands between me and adventure: a job interview tomorrow morning. Yikes! I am really good at people... but i am terrible at interviews, i tell you. I have trouble remembering examples for all those leading questions about effective communication, conflict resolution, embracing diversity, demonstrating leadership, etc. I wish i could just say "Take my word for it, I am awesome. Hire me." But alas... wish me luck!

And then, dear readers, .... do i even have readers? No, but dear internet world of obscurity, THEN i get to hop on a float plane to catch up with my ride for a south-bound road trip along the west coast. Seattle > San Fran and beyond! Fingers crossed that route remain clear of inclement weather and other disasters as we negotiate travel during the week of American Thanksgiving.

What's your favourite road trip?

One of my favourite road trip memories is being crammed into a tiny pickup cab with five friends, storming down the Malahat, singing to the radio and playing hot&cold (blast the heat with the windows closed for as long as the riders can stand, then switch to air con). Hilarious. Also driving all the way from Victoria to Cathedral Grove and back in one day. Everything about that day and everybody in it was beautiful (except all the driving which I have conveniently blocked out). And then there was the bus trip across Canada with my dear friend Jess.......

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  1. I'm your biggest fan! And I was on one of those road trips. Aw... xo