Wednesday, May 19, 2010

cook's kitchen: midweek magic

okay, so by wednesday, in general, i have usually lost any desire to cook.

... except when i have bought some super colourful ingredients and come up with a super simple scheme in advance.

check out those colours!!! what's that purple stuff? you had better believe that is some purple yam.

whilst the root veggies (yam, carrot, parsnip) got friendly with some salt, pepper and herbs de provence in the 'ol cast iron, i had chicken already roasting away in the oven. the meat dish i call "sort of morrocan chicken" : basically i took some chicken thighs, coated them in olive oil, salt and pepper, laid them over top of eights of onion and apple (plus a couple smashed garlic cloves). i then sprinkled the whole deal lightly with cumin and cinnamon, and baked it in an aluminum foil covered dish at 400 for 30 minutes.

half an hour later i was enjoying the delicious results.

what i most enjoyed: out of thin air i invented a meal plan that was ready in no time, really pretty, simple enough to be worth making for one (as was tonight's case) but easily scalable to feed extras next time. i mean how often can you get a meal that looks that good out of two pans and a cutting board?


okay ...fine ...i have to admit it: the purple yams were actually disappointing. i found them super starchy tasting without much of the warm sweet flavours of a normal yam. but they do look awful pretty though, don't they?

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