Sunday, May 16, 2010

an experience to remember

I have just returned from Memories and More. Now who thought putting 8,000 girls and women in a stadium overnight was the best way to celebrate Guiding's 100 year anniversary I don't know, but it certain was an experience none of us will soon forget.

the calm before the storm, the girls kick off the birthday with a circle game...

what we arrived to find. this picture was taken before everyone had arrived...

this was probably the most fun anyone had that evening: 8,000 beach balls released into the crowd to be batted around for the remainder of the event (despite efforts to quash the activity)

... and this was probably the least fun part of the event: actually figuring out how one sleeps 8,000 people in a stadium. visions of refugee-ism came to mind.

However - despite adult feelings towards everything that went down - the end of this story is that the girls seemed to really enjoy themselves. This is what appeared on CTV news.

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