Wednesday, January 6, 2010

the road trip

this post should also known as "why you should drop what you are doing, get in your car and drive".

1. Driving is fun

2. Road trips don't have to involve a lot of planning. we basically chose a cardinal direction plus a couple destination goals, assembled some maps and drove. if you're not having fun, change direction.

3. Having to take a float plane because you got held back from your trip by an interview (no, i didn't get the job) is a great excuse to fly in a tiny plane, sitting up front chatting with the pilot Larry, and arriving so much faster than by boat! seriously, the float plane from downtown victoria to downtown seattle is the way to do it, so long as you have a boyfriend waiting with your roadtrip vehicle on the other side.

4. Portland is awesome. Brewpub with 100 types of delicious, unusual beer on tap. Powell's books. Lots of cool local coffee roasteries/houses and restaurants... need i say more?

5. HWY 101 along the coast is pretty much the most fun you can have driving. winding roads taking you right beside the beach with huge rock formations jutting out from the surf reflecting nothing but clear blue skies...

6. The dunes

7. The redwoods

8. Biking across the golden gate bridge and san fransisco in general

9. Sitting beside a pool in nothing but a bathing suit at the end of November (L.A.)

10. Driving for an entire day and an entire night straight because you happened to pick the end of american thanksgiving weekend to start driving north and home.

11. Spending over a week in a car with someone you absolutely adore...

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