Thursday, January 7, 2010

existence verified by mail!

Very exciting... the fledgling "yours truly" design studio received it's first piece of mail today. !!!

i know i am feeling absurdly excited about this (ignoring the misspelling of "Vancouver"), but i'm am comfortable with my level of nerdiness.

Also: here's your chance to weigh in. My design company - "yours truly" has over time naturally come to embody my branding (it all started with coining a new email handle when switching to gmail)... but the exact wording?

Yours Truly Studio
as in "this is a Yours Truly Studio design..."

Yours Truly Design / Yours Truly, Design
as in "this is a yours truly design..."

Yours Truly
as in... {a design by} Yours Truly
... {handmade frou frou by} Yours Truly

Dear mythical readers, what do you think?

What i think about "yours truly"...

It makes me think of sitting down to write a letter by hand: the thought and weight that that act carries, instead of just writing an email; the emotion and personality that can be expressed in the turn of a pen, the specific forming of the characters on the page; how when you read someone's handwritten words on paper you can almost hear their voice in your ear, you can almost see the way their mouth forms the words were they beside you right now to have this conversation with you in real time... and then that thoughtfulness transposed into the act of hand-making jewelry. The thought of these handmade goods going through the mail like letters to arrive, "Gasp", and transform your week. As if those jewels were love letters to be worn about in your day to day.

This I hope to make the essence of designs by yours truly.

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  1. I really like your reasons behind the "Yours Truly" brand. I sometimes still write letters by hand just because they are so much more personal and meaningful.

    I like the sound of "this is a Yours Truly Studio design" best... but if you're having trouble choosing, I wonder if you could keep Yours Truly as a Studio and a Design. So that the things you make or create are a "Yours Truly, Design" and when people come to see you or send things to you, it would be at the "Yours Truly, Studio".