Wednesday, January 6, 2010

when life gives you lemons...

... or soured cider...

Remember that apple cider adventure? Well one of the vats of cider went to vinegar during it's fermentation. So
we have several gallons of beautifully hand-pressed, local, apple cider vinegar. What do you do with that much vinegar?

...Dress it up and give it away to everyone you know.

Uses for apple cider vinegar:
- yummy acid component for salad dressing
- homeopathic remedy to balance internal pH levels (taken straight by the spoonful). also purportedly can boost energy levels and encourage weight loss
- use in all kinds of cooking to deepen flavours
- vinegars make g
ood natural cleaning products (for example cutting through grime on exterior windows)
... anyone know some more?

P.S. It's nice to finally post some of this pre-Christmas goings on, i didn't want to do it before seeing as it would have given away the surprise of certain gifts - wink.


  1. Erm... make that maybe two giant vats of apple cider turned to vinegar. Turns out that the wild yeasts in the air and on the apples was mother of vinegar this year.

  2. hmmm, maybe we should look into getting a stall at an upcoming market?

  3. ooh speaking of lino cuts we could make a cute circular one with some sort of apple core design to sell off excess apple cider vinegar...?