Tuesday, March 16, 2010

your own yogurt

i can't believe i haven't written about making yogurt yet! it's really straight forward. it was one of the first diy projects i tried after getting laid off - but it's so fast and easy you do not need to be out of a job to have time to do this.

this is everything you need: pot, measure, milk, yogourmet -or- 2 tbsp of thick organic yogurt, glass containers... thermometer optional.

bring 4 cups of milk just to a boil (my thermometer says this happens just over 180 degrees). remove from heat. allow to cool 'til lukewarm. whisk in yogourmet (bacterial starter available from health foods stores and some regular groceries - ideal to add to a small amount of milk and then incorporate into rest of pot) or your thick yogurt.

pour prepared milk into glass containers and place in cold oven with the internal light/pilot on. incubate overnight.

cover and chill. will keep in the fridge for several days.

i usually make 2% yogurt, which i find a bit runnier than store bought -- but that's probably because my yogurt doesn't contain gelatin or any of the other weird additives you find in store bought stuff. but this stuff is smooth and delicious, great in ample doses over homemade curry, or with your morning granola or in smoothies or baking.

-make it with chocolate milk.
-after it's incubated, add flavorings: honey, vanilla, chai concentrate, jams, coconut...
-you can make it with any milk you like - half and half would give you a thick Mediterranean style yogurt.
-if you want to make it with skim milk it is advised to add a couple tbsp of skim milk powder so that it thickens enough.

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