Monday, February 1, 2010

dancing feet

My last ballet class was several years ago - a long hiatus from something I had been passionately doing for the fifteen years prior.

Tonight felt like a homecoming: resting my hand on the barre; the piano music tinkling in the background; going through familiar stretches, positions, exercises... wonderful.

I've worried a long time that going back would mean immediately breaking myself - as in my hip would spontaneously dislocate if i even thought the word "turn out" and sharp crushing noises would result from any kind of jumping or bending. But turns out i'm still strong, just in different ways.

What's really gone is the mind-to-muscle connection to learn choreography. In the past someone could show me a series of steps, and I could then instantly repeat them, recalling them perfectly. I've lost that, hopefully i can get it back if i try. I think i need to be challenging my brain more in my everyday.

Anyways, this post was also an excuse to show off my completed leg warmers (my first actual knitting project ever, by the way) which took months but finally got to perform in their natural habitat tonight at ballet class.

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