Sunday, February 14, 2010

valentine count down craft 3

And to wrap up this valentine countdown, a flower for my sweetheart ...

two chocolate hearts (i used lindor because they are melt in your mouth delicious), three colours of paper, elastic, wooden skewer or stick or stem, tape

Rip or cut 3 hearts out of two different colours of paper (one set of hearts should be slightly smaller than the other). These will be the petals.
Poke a hole in the bottom corner of all of your hearts and thread them onto your skewer. Arrange them in a pretty flower formation - attach elastic under the petals to hold them at the top of the skewer.
Cut leaves out of the third colour of paper, and attach to skewer/stem with tape.
Using tape rolls attach the chocolate hearts back to back with the skewer sandwiched between them in the centre of the flower.
Fini! A rose with a heart of chocolate for your sweetheart.

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