Thursday, February 11, 2010

valentine count down craft

no matter how i feel about the silly made-up consumer holidays... i have to say i kind of love valentine's day. mostly, just because heart shaped crafts are so cute. so here is the first of three ideas in my count down to v-day: sweet rosebud valentines. i'll be making these with my Brownies tonight!

lollipops, construction paper (flower colour + green for leaves), glue and/or tape.

This is a nice craft because it's pretty obvious how to make it by looking at the finished result. But in the interest of a complete how-to:
Cut out a heart the size of your lollipop candy (i trimmed the sharp corners off my lolly wrapper to make it prettier - just be careful not to break the seal).
Write your message on one side of your heart.
Fold your green paper in half and cut a leaf shape, leaving a flat edge at the fold (this will wrap around the lolly stick).
I used tape to assemble the whole thing: using tape loops attach the heart to the candy and attach the two sides of your leaf to the lolly stick.
Fini! Super easy, and super cute.

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