Friday, February 5, 2010

Yours Truly - store launch!

It is my pleasure to announce that Yours Truly officially launches today on Etsy.

Browse the store to find hand-made froufrou: jewelry, drawings and design. Custom orders are welcome.

I was hoping to have it launched more in advance of Valentine's Day but one can only do so much when waiting for felt to dry. Plus the last couple weeks have been full of excitement around Victoria, what with the weather improving enough to ride bicycles, the Film Festival, and free dance classes, awesome performances to attend and interviews to give (fingers crossed for the latest day job attempt). However, despite delays people within Canada will still have a couple days to place orders that will ship in time for the day of romance.

It's pretty exciting! All this work and now it's out there - for real - for keeps. Now i just sit in wait of that first sale - that is, sit and wait and felt.

Fingers crossed...

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