Wednesday, March 17, 2010

cook's kitchen: shamrocks

i don't know how you mark st. patty's day... but this is the way i like to do it: cupcakes!

shamrock cupcakes... yep they're really green! they use pistachio pudding mix and chocolate chips (of course!). recipe here.

I've been enjoying these festive treats ever since i was a kid - and other children at school would exclaim "ugh - why is that muffin green!?".

This post goes out to my number 1 cupcake enjoying friend - who i miss dearly.


  1. I was thinking of cupcakes yesterday too! But... no stove to cook them in. *tear* I think your cupcakes look FANTASTIC! I miss you and our crazy antics in cooking and crafting.

  2. does your new place not have a stove?!
    i wish we could break bread - err, cake together right now!

  3. oh, there's definitely a stove, just no gas for the stove to work yet. How would Peter and I get by without a stove?!