Sunday, March 14, 2010

ode to lists

Well, it's official. Day jobs officially take over your life. I am suddenly remembering vividly why i never got any art or personal projects finished ... or started for that matter, while working for government. So, today on my list of to dos i added "post something". Fortunately, having put it on the list, I could not end my day without crossing it off. Mind you it is now late, and i still haven't finished some of the other things on the list, but...

While talking about lists, I have a cute little tidbit to share. When I finish things on my list, I tend to both cross them off and then check them off. Why? Because that's what I always saw my mum doing. I think i even asked her about it once. And if i remember correctly her reasoning is pretty much the same as why i now do it. Crossing things off has great finality: strike-through, can't even read that item any more, it's over! -plus- check mark: positive! good for you! correct! you've done it! The combination is just so satisfying.

Here's hoping I can find/invent some more hours in my day to be able to cross&check off more on my lists soon.

p.s. i find i do some of my best handwriting in lists. i think it must be something about how carelessly i form the letters, thinking only about the list not about the letters, that give them this loose and some how more aesthetic form. i can't never replicate this perfect half-cursive half-print lettering exactly when i sit down to do it actively (writing a card, for example, or trying to scan letters in to create my own font). so i occasionally have trouble getting rid of my lists after i'm done with them (how can i recycle my most perfectly written 'sunday' ever?)


  1. That is a lovely cursive style you have there.

  2. thanks. the serifs i usually add while thinking about what else needs to go on my list. the rest happens totally spontaneously.