Sunday, March 28, 2010

coming soon to an etsy store near you...

the latest knitting hang up for me: fingerless gloves. i'm going to start selling these on my store

this project, like so many of my art projects, came out of the concept. does this happen to you? you come up with the title and then realizing the project is almost secondary to the original concept? i made a pair of tealy blue fingerless gloves to match my leg warmers i knit a while back. in the middle of making them i saw a picture of a little girl featuring red gloves against a white sweater. the combination made me sit back and think "aw, i wish i was knitting little red gloves right now". the combination of image and thought -- little girl + "little red gloves" -- then spontaneously morphed into "little red riding gloves".

the first pair just went out in the mail to a very special girl, on her quarter centenary.

these gloves are for big girls with young hearts. to be worn with or without hooded capes, these gloves are perfect when paired with picnic baskets, woodsy walks, and adventures with wolves. they are also great for people who like me are chilly finger prone.

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